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Romancing the Spore Dental Tribune April, 2010 – white print

Are You Hanging Pathogens Around Your Patients Neck? Dental Product Shopper, 2010 – white print 

Eye On the Prize, Dental Tribune, November 2

Dental Water Lines – Tip
Pink Tooth E-Newsletter November, 2009

​​Renew Your Safety Habits

Pink Tooth E-Newsletter March, 2009

Welcome Letter

Soft Tissues Issues/Zila Pharmaceuticals – Vol  6 February 2008

Excellence Is Timeless Soft Tissues Issues/Zila Pharmaceuticals – Vol 6 February 2008

An Amazing Race to the Good Life RDH Magazine – Ann-Marie C. DePalma, December 2007

Infection Control is a “Team Effort”

RDH Magazine – Pat Pine and Harriet Ludjin, February 2005

Russia/Poland ADHA Trip Pat was invited to join ADHA as a delegate to Russia/Poland, August 2007. She had the opportunity to speak to oral health care professionals on “Oral Cancer:  The Role of the Dental Professional”. This was a very successful expedition for the entire professional congregation.

“U”niquely Yours - on website

– Calendar for Infection Control Events. OSHA Compliance the easy way.

Record-keeping, Organizing while Training Your Team - on website​Manual to make life easier, while maintaining all equipment to prevent repairs.

Hidden Water Danger – What you need to know about your health and waterlines – RDH magazine January 2013

Dissecting your Disinfectant - RDH Magazine August 2013

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Early Detection: What you should know about YOUR oral health! The Fountain Hills, Times – July 2008

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Gambling with Oral Cancer:What Every Dental Professional Needs to know

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Infection Prevention: What it means in 2011: Rolling the DICE with Patients Health

Continuing Education Studies Home Study Correspondence Course

Hidden Water Dangers - What you need to know about your health and your waterlines0

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