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Our OSHA Compliance & Safety manual will get your office in compliance with the law, and make your Dental Office a safer place to work. OSHA Compliance & Safety Management Manual contains the following:
-Manual -Thumb Drive -Templates
-Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
-Hazard Communication Standard
-Exposure Control Plan -CDC's Infection Control Guidelines for
​ Offices OSHA Poster and labels
  - and more valuable information...... ​

“U”nique Recordkeeping Workbook & Essential   Forms

 Contains all required forms:  

·      Equipment maintenance

·      Training forms

·      What to do after an exposure? 

·      Variety of forms needed to stay compliant

Organized, easy, and indispensable management to your practices infection control requirements.

U” nique customized calendar; for your OSHA recordkeeping, - staff training,  
- office maintenance, -daily tasks.  This calendar is interactive calendar. Easy to use, color coordinated stickers. Don’t let your equipment or your health/safety and that of your patients go unattended. Also, provides reminders for equipment maintenance.
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OSHA Compliance & Safety Manual

Record-keeping Workbook and Essential Forms

"U"niquely Yours Calendar of Events

"If Saliva Were Red"

CDC Guidelines "From Policy to Procedure"

​What every office needs to teach infection prevention basics, encourage compliance everyday!

"If Saliva Were Red" is more than just a video. It is a DVD Training System that can be easily integrated to make your office safer. “U”nique Dental offers these DVDs for your office.

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"From Policy to Procedure" is a workbook for dental staff. Learn how to implement CDC guidelines into your practice while earning 10 CEU's in the process.