Dental Unit Waterlines (DUWL) 

Have you screened your water lately?  It is recommended that all DUWL’s be tested quarterly,  especially the operatories that are not used daily.  These units accumulate a plethora of bacteria that can cause disease. Unhealthy water being delivered via DUWL’s are of public concern. Keeping waterlines clean can be a challenge for any dental facility and must be done.


Diseases linked to DUWL’s.

  • Mycobacterium abscesses – 1,386 children exposed in Georgia
  • Pseudomonas
  • Legionella – Italy woman died from DUWLs
  • Bacteria, fungi, mixture of microbes that proliferate

The Center of Disease Control recommends DUWLs adhere to the same standards for safe drinking water which has been determined by the EPA.   Dental office unit waterlines must be under <500 colony forming units = safe for drinking. There is discussion on testing DUWL on a weekly basis.

Pat is very knowledgeable on DUWLs.  Shehas written several articles on this topic.  She is very passionate about spreading the word on providing dental care with healthy waterlines. Patients with a compromised immune system would be at high risk for disease with dirty waterlines. That meansanyone taking any type of medication.

This topic has exploded throughout the country and impacts not only patients but their families and their dental providers.  DUWLs will be discussed at great length at OSHA Boot Camp and courses given. There are a variety of ways to maintain DUWL without fear.


Too Many CFU’s

Waterline Worm

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