Infection Control

Working in an organized, healthy, and safe environment provides you, your team, and most importantly your patients with a healthy and efficient environment where needs can be met. “U”nique Dental organizational Services works directly with healthcare clinicians to create customized practice solutions for human resource needs and infection control processes. Our works helps practices fundamentally improve operations, communications, and compliance with government health regulations.

Together, we create an increasingly vigorous and more profitable organization. We work hand-in-hand with doctors, practice ownership, and office managers to create HR policies and protocols that meet the specific needs of your practice. We custom-design all infection control training, and work directly with clinicians to improve skills in real time.

Mock inspections are available. Using mock inspections will help practices prevent law suits and fines, and identify areas where compliance can be improved. What are the needs in the practice with safety? Are you keeping up with all the “new” CDC guideline changes? Updating your infection control can be easy and fun.

We consult directly with you to create a program based on the specific needs of your team and your unique practice. Every training session is personalized to deliver the information you need most and to support your team in implementation.

We will come to you, no driving, no parking, and no stress.

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All equipment or machinery used in a dental office should be inspected either monthly or annually to ensure safe operating conditions. Employees should be initially trained in proper equipment usage and provided with annual updates. Equipment is to be maintained according to manufacturers recommendations. Maintaining emergency equipment enables you to provide the best care for your patients until advanced emergency personnel arrive.

Every dental team meets a variety of challenges on a daily basis: sterilization, patient schedules, and much more. What goes on behind the scenes of any dental practice can be a mystery; but most not be overlooked. Who’s doing the maintenance?

We will be reviewing behind the scenes equipment maintenance that may be nessecary in case of an emergency.

  • Eyewash Station: Check for function, leaks, corrosion. Run the eyewash station monthly for 10 minutes to flush out any sediment or bacteria. Remove any corrosion with an appropriate cleaner.
  • Basic First Aid Kit: Maintain full supplies: adhesive bandages, adhesive tapes, finger cots, band-aids, sterile pads, 1 eye covering, and antibiotic ointment.
  • Drug Kit: Medications must have non-expired anesthetic cartridges for a variety of emergencies. These kits can be purchased through your dental dealer. The manufacturer usually sends a reminder when the drugs have expired.
  • AED: Automated External Defibrillator. The survival rate of Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims is greatly increased with the use of an AED. Document and record all required AED operation and maintenance procedures, history of AED use, and the name of the AED coordinator. Maintain a record of yearly staff training in CPR/AED or Healthcare Provider equivalent.
  • Chemical Spill Kit: Ready for us. Purchase from a dental supply company.
  • Ammonia Inhalants: Place in an inconspicuous place for emergency use.
  • Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors: This equipment must be inspected annually by a knowledgeable technician. Employees must be trained on the offices Fire Prevention Plan at initial assignment followed by annual staff updates.  Smoke detector batteries must be replaced twice/year – spring and fall equinox.  Fire extinguishers must be inspected visually once a month. The attached tag is signed monthly for OSHA documentation. Contact your local firefighting department for inspection and training on the use of fire equipment.

Maintenance Calendar: What schedule is currently being used to ensure equipment maintenance? We have created your very own Dental Organization Calendar of events to meet the needs of your unique practice. We keep your equipment maintained in an organized fashion.  This can be used for staff training and fulfills both practice needs and OSHA’s documentation requirements. This calendar will keep all team members informed. It’s the New Year – start off safe without regret in case of an emergency. Is your practice ready for an OSHA inspection? Would your practice be prepared

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