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OSHA boot camp has been established to provide a safe, healthy environment for both staff and patients. Reduce liability for employer and doctor while operating with integrity and professional commitment.  Every year dental offices operate on the edge, as yourself when was your last upgrade on your computer software, most likely daily.  But when was your last upgrade on your infection prevention, CDC, and OSHA requirements?  Don’t feel comfortable with your current OSHA/CDC/Infection Prevention training. CONTACT US TODAY.  Develop skills, do the drills, work off a busy schedule, ultimate solutions given, change up your teams and office routine, be fit with infection prevention. Transform your practice.


All types of practices can schedule training; Orthodontic, periodontal offices, general dentistry, oral surgeons, and medical offices.  Every office can benefit from our EXTREME BOOT CAMP Enjoy your supportive friendly team in a non-judgemental fun environment, the comfort of your own practice – no travel, no driving, no parking to worry about.


Transform your practice:

  • Lose the stress
  • Lose the risks
  • Expert instructors
  • CEU’s given
  • Be #1 for your patients

Step n Up to compliance!

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Review below the fitness needs for your practice

Everyone can gain health benefits from Boot Camp activity. Size shape, age, doesn’t matter.  Team training brings a team together working together for a common healthy practice goal.

Basic Training

Current Team has no record of in-office training – don’t know where to start

4-6 hours   To be determined at training

New team member on board – single person OSHA fitness

2 hours – Skype training in office with OSHA trainer

Not totally safety trained – not OSHA fit

4 hours – Has some record of training not complete

Fine-Tune Fitness

Has record of training on a yearly basis, previous year – OSHA fit

2.5 hours

Mock Inspection with report in 10 -14 days – want the challenge of OSHA fitness inspection

              2-3 hours approximately

Maintaining OSHA fitness

              Annual Basis (365 days)

             New team member prior to start of hire

CEU’s are available after effectively completing OSHA safety training fitness course. 

Evaluation with summary will be available for confidential discussion.  Compliance concerns will be resolved with team fitness training. Don’t take the risk to wait. call today.

E-mail- info@OSHAtrainingbootcamp.com , to schedule your OSHA/infection prevention  fitness training today.   Don’t wait – get patients back into your safe practice immediately.

Benefits outweigh Risk

Safequard your reputation – Violations in dentistry continue DO NOT be a victim.

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OSHA Training Boot Camp

  • Strengthen your team
  • Hurdle the MSDS Manual
  • Strategically jump into BBP Standard
  • Shrink liability for employer/doctor

OSHA Fitness will:

  • Increase team communication
  • Increase production 
  • Increase patient referrals
  • Improve team safety

OSHA Training Boot Camp

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Bootcamp Team Activities

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