Pat’s hands-on training courses are fun and very easy to grasp the concepts, excellent course. ~Dr. Jill Fontaine, Ill

I particularly like walking through our operatories and sterilization – it was encouraging to fine-tune our infection control protocol. ~ Marcia Menendez, Ill

Pat was engaging and interactive which made the overall course enjoyable. This was pertinent and useful information regarding infection control. ~Dr. Rule, Illinois

Pat has been training in our office for over 5 years, I learn something new every training visit. I love the hands-on. Pat really cares about patient and staff safety in our dental office. ~John Cleretine, Illinois

As a dental assistant this course is very useful. It helps you know how to protect yourself and the team around you. It answers your questions on health and safety. This class has taught me to care about the patients health as well as my own. I personally recommend this class to be given to all assistants not only dental but medical as well. I look forward to Pat coming in to train our office. ~ Erika, Dental Assistant, Chicago

I think this infection control course is great. We learn how to improve our cleaning methods, how to deal with chemicals. We have also learned how to deal with emergencies. This was awesome! ~Wilford Tert, Illinois

I particularly like Pat’s infection control update course because I learn how much I don’t know. ~Marcus Cor, AZ

I loved the powder in the operatory test. That was great! ~Dental Assistant, AZ

Pat’s in-office infection control course is great. We learn what need to do to improve in our own office. The Hands-On is great! The entire team hears the same message. Having the training in office shows the team how we can keep each other healthy. ~Kim Bradley, Illinois

Pat shows us how we can accomplish infection control in a practical way. She is very open-minded about things not done correctly in the office. She gives us suggestions to make our day less stressful. ~Dental Assistant, Illinois

Pat makes this topic fun and interesting. We are always active. She puts a twist in her course so that we are not just sitting down. We interact with her. Her ability to have the entire team work together is great! She helps us see what needs to be improved. She’s terrific! ~RDH, Illinois

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