Although infection control precautionsare highly effective when used routinely, accidents can happen. CDC regulates dental standards and protocol.    In order to keep pace with changes, written policies need to be maintained on health and wellness.  In-Office training will reveal practice liability reduction information that all practices musthave.  Hands-on interaction is included in order to maximize this training.


  • Can your team keep up with all the guidelines and changes?
  • Does your team understand and adhere to the following?
  • Discuss Engineering Controls to reduce exposures
  • Develop Written Standard Operating Procedures
  • Establish post-exposure control plan
  • Identify work-related infection risks
  • Acquire practical tips
  • Discover how to prevent disease transmission
  • Explore technology safety

Can your team keep up with all the guidelines and changes?

Infection Control Breaches are making the headlines often and this information can cause anxiety in many patients. Mothers might delay or question their dental care for their family. Sometimes being unsure of an office is challenging for patients.

  • Ways to change anxious patients into happy patients will be discussed.
  • Sharing with patients the strides the office takes to be OSHA/IC compliant
  • Sterilization is the heart beat of your dental practice, are the arteries clogged?
  • Discuss OSHA/IC training as a terrific referral source for new patients
  • Prevent breaches in your dental facility
  • Maintenance is a must to keep dental facilities healthy
  • Other ideas during training will be shared
  • Patients are looking for a clean dental home being compliant and organized in safety is important. Patients assume that all “behind the scenes” maintenance is organized and completed as required, as any patient should.


Pat’s Infection Control and OSHA Safety Boot Camp jump starts your team on the basic procedures that are required.  We will ensure your policies and procedures are complete.  Your team will be educated on all that is required by CDC and Federal OSHA.

Check-lists will be created to assist in facilitating quick methodical changes.

All dental or medical facilities should have initial and annual training to cover all aspects of safety.  It is not an easy task.   These trainings makeannual maintenance easier with minimal effort. Call today to schedule your team’straining. Stay compliant. Stayout of the news.

Pat is an authorized Federal OSHA Train-the-trainer for the last 25 years.  Pathas a plethora of experience with dental facilities over the past 30 years.

She is founder of OSHA Training Boot Camp team training. Pat makes this topic funwhileinteracting with the attendees navigating through all regulations and protocolsrequired.


Photo courtesy of Australian Dental Association

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