Empowering, interactive, fun and invaluable are words dental professionals often use when describing a “U”nique Dental Organizational Services presentation. Our approach to speaking is designed to cultivate passion for safe and effective dentistry, while teaching new skills clinicians can use without delay. Programs are hands-on and interactive for a variety of learning styles.

Topics include:

  • Who let the Inspector OUT?  Reputation is so valuable, social media spreads dental experiences in an instant.  OSHA inspection for any practice would be scary. We will be discussing quick tips on your OSHA inspection.  What to expect; what to do and not to do.  What dangers could be lurking in your practice? What would a patient say on social media? 
  • CDC Infection Prevention Guidelines; practical version  These guidelines can be challenging, infection control guidelines are highly effective when used routinely – accidents can happen.  Be aware of required guidelines; reduce employer/owner liability with knowledge. Infection Prevention is contagious, what does your office spread  –  germs or health?
  •  What Are the Odds: It Starts and Ends with YOU!   Understand and implement improved infection control methodologies, protecting your patients, your practice and your team.  Breaking the chain of infection starts recruitment of the right people and constant training and retraining to meet a common practice goal.
  •  Stealth Safety.  Limit liability with proper effective infection control. We give you important tools to protect your practice. Be aware of how valuable the sterilization protocol can be for patient safety. We empower clinicians to provide priceless service to patients in their care.

 Suggested Program Length

  •  Keynote
  • Half-Day program

Pat is happy to customize a presentation to meet your group’s needs, click on links above for more information about each course. 


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