What every office needs to learn infection control basics and encourage compliance every day!

OSHA Training Boot Camp Shares

CDC Guidelines

“From Policy to Procedure”

“From Policy to Procedure” is a workbook for dental staff. Learn how to implement CDC guidelines into your practice while earning 10 CEU’s in the process.

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“If Saliva Were Red”

“If Saliva Were Red” is more than just a video. It is a DVD Training System that can be easily integrated to make your office safer. “U”nique Dental offers these DVDs for your office.

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“U”niquely Yours Calendar of Events

This calendar is interactive calendar. Easy to use, color coordinated stickers. Don’t let your equipment or your health/safety and that of your patients go unattended.Also,provides reminders forequipment maintenance

Price:  $165.00

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Recordkeeping Workbook and Essential Forms

“U”nique Recordkeeping Workbook & Essential Forms

Contains all required forms:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Training forms
  • What to do after an exposure?
  • Variety of forms needed to stay compliant

Organized, easy, and indispensible management to your practices infection control requirements.

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OSHA Compliance & Safety Management Manual

Our OSHA Compliance & Safety manual will get your office in compliance with the regulation and recommendation making your Dental Office a safer place to work. Standard of Care is not what happens in the mouth with crowns and dental work.  It applies to the entire office and what is going on behind the scenes. Complimentary questions once purchased your manual with OSHA Boot Camp.

OSHA Compliance & Safety Management Manual contains the following:

  • Manual
  • CD
  • Templates
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
  • Hazard Communication Standard
  • CDC’s Infection Control Guidelines for Dental Offices
  • OSHA Poster and sample labels.

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